Naomi Karpati Redefines Strength & Beauty for Women

Twin blades called Karambits wielded by Ms. Naomi Karpati just blew my mind. I recently discovered Naomi Karpati from an upcoming online magazine called DeerWomen. There definitely needs to be more of this kind of content for martial arts and females. So, DeerWomen's online magazine for women will be refreshing as it's not following the … [Read more...]

MMA Gym Uses Sympathy Card to Take Your Money

Tell Tale Signs You're Training at a McDojo

Why is it so difficult to find a good place to train martial arts these days?¬†Recently, I left a gym called Evolve Academy in Gaithersburg, MD.¬† The reason is that I didn't like their business practices. ¬† The head instructor, Mike Moses, marketed his gym that made me think he had ulterior motives. I felt his motives were geared more for making … [Read more...]

Lady Uses Martial Arts to Thwart a Thief

Girl Displays Spirit Power Gracefulness in Martial Arts This girl is my hero! She displays beautiful martial arts techniques against an attacker. This video is from an underground subway security camera in Russia. A girl is standing against the wall, and a man walks past to steal her cellphone. What she does to thwart the thief is … [Read more...]