Why Sitting in a Chair is bad for your Health! Here’s What You Should Do…

Why Sitting in a Chair is Bad For Your Health

So what’s the big deal?

It seems we as humans sometimes have a habit of trading in the good/harder for the bad/easier. You see business comes before quality service. Hard work is being swept away for easier gimmicks. Even in the gym, machines have begun to replace the barbell and rings. And then we have one of our biggest screw ups. The chair.

Training is teaching your body to adapt to a stimulus. Similar to learning a new skill. For example, training to teach your body to make the adaptations necessary to perform a pull-up. Imagine spending 8 hours (the average work day behind a desk) on any of these task. If you’re able to recover, you’ll learn it pretty fast, won’t you? Well that’s exactly what many people do daily with chairs. Teaching their bodies how to fit into a chair (which if you look at, is an awkward position).

What if we went to space where there is no gravity, and spent the majority of our time there? What would happen to our muscular strength and skeleton? We would adapt to that stimulus. In this case, we would get weaker since we would no longer need to be strong enough to stand against gravity, and our bones no longer need to take impact. Similar happens when we are in a chair. You don’t have to resist gravity near as much in a chair. The result? You get weaker, and can also create major muscle imbalances within your body. Your bones become weaker because they are adapting in the wrong direction. No wonder why our hips are tight, our backs hurt, and why we are weak and immobile.

So What Should You Do Instead?


Yes, squat ladies and gentleman.

This is how you should squat

Benefits of squatting rather than sitting in a chair include:

Improved mobility

While squatting, you are adapting to a stretch rather than becoming more rigid in the shape of a chair. This leads to better mobility and flexibility.

Increased knee and hip health

Knees and hips should be mobile and strong in all ranges. Whether it’s an opponent bending you in a BJJ match or a slip on a patch of ice, a strong and mobile body has a better chance of coming out uninjured than a stiff and weak one.

Actively resisting gravity

Instead of resting in a chair, you are constantly resisting gravity by holding yourself in a squat. This leads to benefits like better strength, recovery from training, blood flow, digestion, insulin health and more.

Reduced risk of lower back pain

One of the common issues with lower back pain is tight hip flexors from too much sitting. Especially at eight hour a day desk jobs. An adjustable desk and alternating between standing and squatting can provide the movement and mobility necessary to avoid this back pain.

SO! with all this information I how you get rid of your chair and start squatting today!

Sources: http://www.strengthsensei.com/back-pain-in-america/

Philip Chubb
Philip Chubb is a teacher, trainer, and student who has learned from a variety of great teachers such a the Poliquin Group, Ido Portal Method, Yuri Marmerstein, Gymnastic Bodies, and more. In the past ten years, he has researched and learned about movement, nutrition, hormones, training, martial arts, hand balancing, gymnastics, tumbling, dance, biomechanics and much more. He's life emphasis is moving and improving both physically and mentally each day.
Philip Chubb
Philip Chubb

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