The Paleo Diet – 5 Benefits To Going Paleo

5 Benefits To The Paleo Diet

Zone, Atkins, South Beach, Vegetarian, Vegan, Plant based, High Carb, Sunshine Diet, intermittent fasting, and don’t forget my (least) favorite – “If It Fits Your Macros.”

It seems like there’s a new diet coming out every couple minutes. So how are we to know what to choose?

Years ago I was fortunate enough to read some of the earlier postings of Ido Portal. Ido has researched more in his lifetime than many will in their complete one. Through him, I was introduced to the Paleo Diet.

Now the Paleo diet has many many different advocates and detractors who each believe something different about it, but from what I have seen, one of the best parts of it is the exclusion of most modern crap foods. Paleo returns us to real food. If it flies, runs, or grows, you can eat it. I was quite disappointed to discover that doughnuts do not grow on trees, but I decided to try it anyway.

What I found was a reduction in body fat, less bloating after meals, decreased inflammation, better sleep, much improved mood, mental clarity, and more.

But Why The Paleo Diet?

When it comes to modern ailments in our society, a lot of the issue has to do with several key factors. Our lifestyle, which has become sedentary and chronically stressed, our environment, which is polluted, and our nutrition which has not only become devoid of nutrients, but also detrimental to our health. The average person’s diet consists of bagels, waffles, cereals, or some other type of insulin spiking grain in the morning, followed by sandwiches for lunch and pasta for dinner. Don’t forget the bags of candy, doughnuts and the coffee – loaded with enough sugar to give a rat instant diabetes – just to keep awake long enough to get through work.

All this leads to things like high inflammation and insulin resistance. The next step after these is diabetes, leaky gut, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and more.

Paleo To The Rescue

Here is where Paleo comes in. In contrast to the diet of grains and sugar listed above, a Paleo day might look like wild caught salmon and brazil nuts for breakfast, buffalo burgers wrapped in lettuce for lunch, and steak and broccoli for dinner. These meals are much more nutritious and are a much healthier way to go about your day.

5 Paleo Diet Benefits Include:

01. Decreased Body Fat

Studies have shown that a high protein and low carb paleo diet resulted in greater fat loss than the current low fat trend. And the “experts” still think fat makes you fat?

02. Improved Glucose Tolerance

Studies also show an improvement in glucose tolerance when a paleo diet is implemented. Many refined food products are loaded with various sugars and artificial flavors that lower our glucose tolerance and push us closer to being diabetic. After responding to insulin so often over time, cells begin to slowly become insulin resistant. By removing these foods, we can take a step back in our insulin resistance on move away from the diabetes side of the spectrum.

03. More Nutrients

Going Paleo also allows for an increase in nutrients. Organic meats and vegetables come with more of the nutrients we need while also having less anti-nutrient effect. Grains tend to have lectins which are anti-nutrients that bind to the nutrients you eat and keep them from being absorbed. Both sugar and grains also cause leaky gut – small openings in your intestines. These openings allow food into your bloodstream, thus leaving the intestines where they are supposed to stay to be absorbed. If we wanted to IV our food, we could do it ourselves. Leaky gut is a horrible way to accomplish that because it leaves us nutrient deficient.

04. Cancer Treatment

Many cancers feed off glucose. So while you may think you are eating the “Breakfast of Champions” with toast, orange juice, and cereal, all that glucose is really fueling the cancer for the win. Why not starve it and help beat it with wild meats and organic vegetables?

05. Decrease inflammation.

Removal of inflaming foods like gluten causes a decrease in inflammation especially when paired with an increase in vegetable intake. Less chance for chronic diseases, increased performance, and a flatter abdominal region? What’s to dislike about that?

How Do I Sign Up?

I know it’s hard to give up some of our vices. Personally, I still haven’t found a doughnut tree. But think of a reason. Do you never want to know the crippling effects of diabetes? Do you want to perform to the best of your abilities and be a professional? Or just want to see your kids graduate and get married? Whatever it is, get a reason.

Then get set – and for thirty days try to eliminate sugar and gluten from your meals. Stick to organic and grassfed/wild meats, organic vegetables and fruits, nuts, and seeds. Water, tea, and real coffee should be your drinks.

Alternatively, start with just one meal a day. Every morning, have a good breakfast of meat and nuts – which is proven to be the best breakfast to start your day. Once you have that down, go to lunch and make it meat and vegetables. Then onward toward dinner.

When I read about this diet years ago from Ido, I couldn’t wait to try. It changed my life and made me much healthier than I was before. I hope you will do the same and give it a try!


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Philip Chubb
Philip Chubb is a teacher, trainer, and student who has learned from a variety of great teachers such a the Poliquin Group, Ido Portal Method, Yuri Marmerstein, Gymnastic Bodies, and more. In the past ten years, he has researched and learned about movement, nutrition, hormones, training, martial arts, hand balancing, gymnastics, tumbling, dance, biomechanics and much more. He's life emphasis is moving and improving both physically and mentally each day.
Philip Chubb
Philip Chubb

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