Bruce Lee Brought Eastern Philosophy to the West

Bruce Lee, helped introduced Western Culture to Eastern Philosophy. One of the points he emphasized was how to improve our mind for mental performance or a mind hack. The science of neuroplasticity is now catching up and talking about concepts that Bruce Lee was talking about 50 years ago. Eastern concepts such as, mindfulness, self-awareness, and … [Read more...]

How a Star Fund Manager Applies Martial Arts

Pierre Lagrange runs a $2 billion long/short equities fund.  FT recently ran an interview of him.  It highlights some of his philosophies behind his incredible performance over the years.  I've quoted one concept mentioned from the article, and have related it back with the featured image of the article. Are there any other concepts from the … [Read more...]

Technique Talk: Muay Thai Foot Jab “Teep”

Muay Thai Technique: Foot Jab "Teep" Foot-jab, teep or push kick; a “game changer,” technique used in the Muay Thai realm. MMA fighters have come to use the strike a little more per Anderson Silva and his flash knock out of Vetor Belfort. The strike and its use are similar to a boxer and his lead jab. Used to keep opponent at bay, these … [Read more...]

Path of a Martial Artist & Entrepreneur

It as if these two endeavors are so similar. I'll read an article on startups, and then read a martial arts philosophy book and they are talking about the same thing. Today, I stumbled on an article in the startup community which talked about "The Hero's Path". I wasn't a humanities guy in school, and so this was a vague concept. Kuro-Obi is a … [Read more...]

Respect the Shooter

To speak on what Anderson 'Spider" Silva accomplished in his last outing, uFc 153. The man may only be beat when he is asleep, maybe & at that he is for sure dreaming of his next major accomplishment in the arena which put you in harm's way. Bonnar look to do strategize his attempt against Silva by keeping body to body & against the … [Read more...]

A New Begining

Mixed Martial Arts Austin Texas First day of the rest of my life. I will now go and kick the bag out of the ceiling. Thank you very much. All in all, The new location is the best.3918 Gattis School Road, Round Rock, TX. one of the safest communities in the TX. Austin Sports Arena is a family atmosphere that welcomes all … [Read more...]