How to Pick The Right GI for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

How to pick your Jiu Jitsu Gi. If you are a BJJ practitioner, Im pretty sure you are going to need a GI (Kimono). Even If you love No-Gi or are an MMA fighter it would be a pretty good idea to invest in a GI because grappling with the GI has tremendous benefits in terms of helping you understand the technical aspects of Brazilian Jiu jitsu. It … [Read more...]

Neurological Protection in the Ring

For most MMA fighters, head trauma is an afterthought. Not all forms of martial arts are traumatic to the brain, but the sport lends itself to more head injuries than most. Like professional athletes or aspiring amateurs of any sport, performance is the goal, not health. Other sports have already studied brain injuries incurred by athletes. NFL … [Read more...]

The Art of Baiting For BJJ (Brazilian Jiujitsu)

In the 12 years that I have done BJJ, I have come to the conclusion that baiting is a HUGE and necessary part of BJJ. Why, because a move or finish without a set up is very straight forward and easily countered. Yes, you may have a beast ass arm bar, triangle, etc,  which many do, but what starts to happen when people start seeing it from miles … [Read more...]

Martial Arts Marketing Hackery

Martial Arts Marketing Hackery #iphoneonly So I'm hanging around after class one day and got some footage on my iPhone 4s.  Then I call up my little bros and ask, "Yo little brothers ... do you know how to edit videos and make them cool looking?" As sounds of PC gaming is heard in the background they respond and say, "Of course!" It’s not the … [Read more...]

Cardio VS Strength in Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ)

Which is more effective for a BJJ practitioner to have, Strength or Cardio? This is a great question, and surprisingly this is a question that comes up a lot in my academy . Now, lets take an overall look at BJJ. BJJ is a sport that is for the "little guy", it is about technique, and when one gets tired in a BJJ match they start to slip up and … [Read more...]

How to Accelerate Your Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) Game

"You have to find comfort in uncomfortable situations." - Rickson Gracie I've been asked by a lot of people, "how can I accelerate my BJJ game?". What I tell them is simple, I tell them to "practice and practice the basics diligently ", and when they have them down pat it will be very hard for others to deal with them. When I tell them this they … [Read more...]

The Cutting-Edge of BJJ Training

Watch this video and take your BJJ game to the next level! Brandon's innovative methods are limitless. Donate to the medical recovery fundraiser of a fellow martial artist Nick Gomez, who's in the hospital from a severe accident. ▫Go to for more info and to donate … [Read more...]