What Are You Training For?

What are you training for

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Mainstream media has taught us that we should work out to attain an aesthetic goal or just to maintain a certain level of healthiness.  This is the first thing on our minds when we think of working out.  Athletes have clearer goals as far as their training goes because it must support what they do.  However, for the regular gym-goer there is not enough incentive or desire to train.

The Problem Today Is People Are Bored, Unfocused, And Completely Apathetic About Training.

I was one of those people.  I could care less about it.  Why?  I didn’t know any better.  A lot of people don’t know what to do when they go to the gym.  Most people who do go to the gym either run endlessly on treadmills for cardio or do crunches to “tone” their abs.

Time and time again I speak to people with this sort of rigid mindset.  They train because they simply want to stay “fit” or achieve some sort of aesthetic standard.  These same people tell me that they force themselves to train but they really don’t feel like it.

That doesn’t sound right does it?  It’s like someone force feeding themselves because they have to eat otherwise they won’t be healthy – but all they really want to do is puke.

Often times people who do work towards losing a certain amount of weight or getting those abs they have always wanted will eventually tire out or continue to train just to maintain their appearance.

Well then, what’s next?

We Are Meant For More Than Just Training For Appearance!

Those aesthetic-centric goals are superficial – they don’t pull at your heartstrings.  That’s why in the long run this sort of artificial mindset will not encourage you to continue pushing your body to its limits.

Just stop for a second to think that you have a functioning body.  You can move it in a variety of ways.  Perhaps right now, not so gracefully, but you have this potential to move.  However, people take this for granted.  Look at how many people cannot even rest in a squat anymore. We have lost our way.

Train To Improve Your Movement Skills Instead!

As Socrates once said – “It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

All we really need is to move to see how limited we are. Have you noticed how much your body stiffens up when you’re sitting . You adapt to whatever stimulus you give your body and if you don’t ever move then you may suffer from premature rigor mortis.  But no worries, this can be remedied.

We have this body that has so much potential to grow – to get stronger, resist gravity, and be more mobile.  We can bring the squat back along with other movement skills!  We can do anything from being able to stand on our hands, crawl on the ground, or flip through the air with just our body and the ground as tools. If you don’t know about Ido Portal yet, I would look him up. He and his team are a great example of how far you can push the limits on movement.

That is why you have to shift your focus during training.  Will the bench press help you become a better mover?  Will those crunches do something for you?  Most likely not.  This is where you have to filter out the good from the bad.  See what tools will really help you to become a better mover.

Takeaway: Re-evaluate why you “train.”  Find out what makes you euphoric within movement and work towards it in your training sessions.  Do everything in life with vigor and attention. Soon enough you will become obsessed with moving and your workouts.

Martina Chubb

Martina Chubb

Martina Chubb trains and studies under the best Olympic Trainers at Poliquin Strength Institute. She has been studying the martial arts for the past 5 years in BJJ and thai boxing. She resides in the Maryland/DC area with her husband Philip Chubb and is a fitness coach.
Martina Chubb

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ericvutran moderator

A girl talking fitness, mma and martial arts training!?  That is brilliant! 


Great post Martina :D I agree, I used to workout for a superficial reason, but i always found it hard to stay motivated and progress. I Not my working out is more of mental training, I try to break myself to show myself that my mind and body are not limited, something new can always be achieved,