Three Important Analogies to Better Understand BJJ

Bjj Basics


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BjjBrick (metaphor) it’s important to have a few key techniques that you can perform at a high level. You need to have a well-rounded game, but having some great techniques will help you excel at BJJ.  To your opponents it will feel like they got hit with a brick.  It takes a lot of blood and sweat to make a BjjBrick, but if you are making the correct bricks the effort will be well worth it.

Big Strong Tree

Bjj Fundamentals

1)Trunk- Fundamentals, Posture, and Game plan
2)Big branches- Positions, some branches will be stronger than others
3)Smaller branches- Techniques, from the positions
4)Leaves- Owning the techniques
5)Big roots- The pioneers of BJJ, and/or your instructor’s instructor
6)Medium sized roots- Your instructors and training partners
7)Small roots- Other methods of training and learning
Pile of leaves and branches on the ground- We all discard some techniques and positions when we are searching for what works best for us, this is normal. You should avoid having a giant pile of leaves and branches under your tree. Focusing on key things will help keep you from having this problem.

How important is it to have really good fundamentals? Having poor fundamentals is like a tree trying to grow branches without having a strong trunk.  Strong fundamentals are the foundation of your game, like a strong trunk supports a large tree.

The Building Burns

Building your BJJGame

This analogy helps someone who has been training BJJ and now they are going to be doing MMA.

Quote of the week:

“I fear no the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Bruce Lee tweet

Guest Post by: Byron JabaraBJJ Brick

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Brandon Groce

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Brandon Groce

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