The Issue With Modern Medicine

The Issue With Modern Medicine

Modern Medicine

When it comes to Western medicine such as antibiotics or insulin, for example, I believe it should always be a short term solution if possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think medicine is a horrible thing. Western medicine has saved lives, without a doubt. If I am walking down a back alley at night and I get shot, guess what? I am not going to go to a natural clinic to get my body “detoxified of heavy metal”! I am going to the doctor to have them remove the bullet and stop the bleeding! The same applies if I caught an infectious deadly disease. If it is necessary to save my life, I will go to the doctor.

But that is where I believe Western medicine should be used. In the short term for saving lives. In the long term, I think healthier options should be undertaken.

The Problem With Modern Medicine

The issue with Western medicine is that it often doesn’t really fix the issue but rather covers it up. Your doctor may think your cholesterol is too high and prescribe a statin to bring it back down. But the real issue is that your doctor wants to prevent you from having a heart attack. Studies have shown that statins don’t always prevent this from happening. So now we have a band-aid on a problem and not a real solution.

But wait, there’s more! Not only do these medicines often not completely fix the problem – they usually come with a host of nasty side effects. Going on the statin example again: statins have been known to cause issues like memory loss and loss of sex drive. Sex hormones are made from cholesterol. There goes your libido – and the worst part is the real problem wasn’t even fixed. Throw in the fact that it also depleted CoQ10, an essential nutrient for processing the energy to make it through your day, and you have a recipe for disaster!

Another example? Let’s try antibiotics. Much of your immune system resides in your gut. Foreign invaders are eliminated by the beneficial bacteria in your gut and disease is prevented. But let’s say your gut health isn’t so great. Perhaps you eat too much sugar or do too much distance running. Your gut is compromised and as a result you get a bacterial infection and must go on an antibiotic.

Sometimes the antibiotic is needed to end the sickness and save your life. But using an antibiotic to stop one infection is like bombing an entire neighborhood to stop one criminal. The antibiotic doesn’t pick and choose which bacteria to eliminate. It kills them all. Including your beneficial ones. That’s great in the moment because now you are not sick and feel relieved! Yes! You can go back to work, train again, and feel good…

Of course, it doesn’t end happily. Because with all the good bacteria gone your immune system is even more compromised. Now it is even easier to get sick. The cycle starts all over again. And of course we can’t forget those antibiotic side effects – like tendon ruptures.

An Ounce Of Prevention

How do we break this cycle? Have you ever heard the saying “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound for the cure?”

This means that a little prevention goes a long way and, in many cases, is better than throwing all the medicine in the world at whatever ailment you may have.

Are you frequently needing to go on an antibiotic? Instead of taking one and waiting for the next dose to be needed go on a probiotic. Probiotics are helpful bacteria in your stomach that fight off disease. Studies have shown that use of probiotics decreases the need for antibiotic use. From personal experience, after beginning probiotics I feel “under the weather” much less often than before. Curious, I put my wife on a probiotic as well and her allergies to the family dog improved significantly. Prevention beats the cure!

What if you have a family history of diabetes? Or cancer? Rather than waiting until you need insulin or chemotherapy, get on it now. Attack the problem before it can grow. Removed refined sugar from your diet so your pancreas can make insulin at a normal pace and your cells do not get damaged by it. Cutting out sugar also keeps many cancers from having a fuel source since they often feed on glucose. Stay active to increase insulin sensitivity and detox to stay free of estrogens that may cause cancer. Pull the weeds out now before they grow.

What If You Already Have A Health Complication?

Are you already on medication? Do not lose hope. There are still things you can do. One is to find out all the nutrients which your medication may be depleting and take extra care to get them. Statins decrease CoQ10 levels in the bloodstream. Supplements will help lessen this problem. Oral contraceptives reduce your body’s supply of magnesium. Get a blood test and ensure that your levels stay within a healthy range. And of course, remember that since you are already straining your body with these issues don’t add more load by not sleeping and eating junk food. Give your body the best chance it has to be healthy.

Medicine should be a short term solution if it’s needed. Always look for the healthier way in the long term, however, and focus on prevention rather than the cure.


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Philip Chubb
Philip Chubb is a teacher, trainer, and student who has learned from a variety of great teachers such a the Poliquin Group, Ido Portal Method, Yuri Marmerstein, Gymnastic Bodies, and more. In the past ten years, he has researched and learned about movement, nutrition, hormones, training, martial arts, hand balancing, gymnastics, tumbling, dance, biomechanics and much more. He's life emphasis is moving and improving both physically and mentally each day.
Philip Chubb
Philip Chubb

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ericvutran moderator

@Philip Chubb The problems with modern medicine is the reason I chose not to go to medical school. I was interviewing at Tulane and Uni of KS and then was like fuck this shit.  I'm gonna go into tech and business where I can really help people.