How to Prevent Cauliflower Ear

How to prevent Cauliflower Ear

A lot of athletes get this thing called Cauliflower ear, which is fairly common is contact sports. Cauliflower ear can be very painful and leaves your ear looking irregular. We are going to go over how to prevent cauliflower ear and what you should do to treat it as well.

What is Cauliflower Ear?

Cauliflower ear occurs when the ear gets hit, or is grinded against for long periods of time, and the skin and cartilage get separated, causing the space between the two to be filled with blood and puss. If left untreated, the fluid, preventing any nutrients from the perichondium to reach the cartilage, hardens and the cartilage dies off. When this happens, the effected ear becomes hard, light in color, and looks like cauliflower (hence the name).

So how Do We Prevent Cauliflower Ear?

Wear Head Gear

This is the simplest and easiest thing you can do. The head gear protects your ears and the risk of getting cauliflower ear are dramatically lowered.

Learn to Bob & Weave and Not Get Hit

As a martial artist, if you learn how to avoid getting punched in the face/head & ears, the better off you are. So when people ask why you are so elusive, just tell them that you don’t want to get that damn cauliflower ear.

Avoid Getting Your Head Tied Up/Caught in Bad Positions

Many grapplers tend to get their head caught in positions such as duck-unders, head locks, triangles, and when they shoot in for a take down. Instead of escaping these positions technically, they try to force their head out of these positions and this causes constant irritation and hitting of the ears. Take the extra time to perfect your technique as it will lower your risk of getting cauliflower ear.

How to Treat Cauliflower Ear

First and foremost, GO SEE A DOCTOR! Please, this is in your best interest if you want to take care of your ear properly. I have seen many incidents where people have tried to drain their own ears, and their ears ended up getting worse and infected. Then they decided to go see a doctor but by then it was far too late. Do the right thing first and see a doctor from the start!

I hope this informations helps in your endeavors to prevent and treat Cauliflower ear!

If you still have any questions feel free to comment, and we will get back to you ASAP.

Brandon Groce

Brandon Groce

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Brandon Groce
Brandon Groce

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