BJJ (Brazilian Jiu jitsu) Tip Of The Week: Try Something New

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This weeks BJJ tip for training is to PLAY, but what does that mean? Don’t worry, I will explain.

In any martial art in today’s world there are “styles”, which makes things predictable. So what do we need to do? As BJJ practitioners we need to brake this thing called a “style”, or create our own personal style of BJJ in order to become unpredictable.

I’ve seen a lot of people when they first start BJJ, even some who have been training for a while, they are always trying to COPY someone’s personal technique, something that has been developed by a particular person, for them specifically. Whats wrong with this? The truth is that we will never be able to execute that move EXACTLY as the person we are trying to mimic. BUT what we can do is take that move and tweak it and adapt that move to our own style, and we can create a whole new move. This is how we should take on learning a new move. We must first understand how the move works and then tweak it to work with our bodies and our unique style. Don’t make the mistake of falling into someone else’s style. Create your own. Build your own unique repertoire of skills and techniques so you can become unpredictable.

Ok cool, so how does this relate to “playing” while training? What I mean by playing is just EXPERIMENTING. You need to realize that winning nor losing matters, especially when training. Training is for learning, so while you are training my advise to you is to try something that you normally wouldn’t do, but to also try something new, something you just pull out of your butt… and just roll with it. See what happens.

When I roll or train, I’m always trying new and what people call “awkward” things. I’m always pulling stuff out of my butt and I just roll with it. HECK,  half the time I don’t even know what I’m trying, but I want to see if it works, or if it doesn’t. That information, that feed back tells me whether or not the new thing is worth continuing or not. BUT I certainly DO NOT give up trying the new move or technique after one try… and nor should you. You must try again and again, just like with any other move you have tried to execute at first while rolling and it didn’t work out the first time.

So that is my advice to you guys! Try new things, make moves that you see work for your own style, body type, etc. Make it work for you.




Brandon Groce

Brandon Groce

Cofounder at RONIN
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Brandon Groce
Brandon Groce

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It's like when our entire team was playing League of Legends...and we did that massive gank on Mr. Sparta. #zanshintamashi @brand0ngr0ce