The Art of Baiting For BJJ (Brazilian Jiujitsu)

In the 12 years that I have done BJJ, I have come to the conclusion that baiting is a HUGE and necessary part of BJJ. Why, because a move or finish without a set up is very straight forward and easily countered. Yes, you may have a beast ass arm bar, triangle, etc,  which many do, but what starts to happen when people start seeing it from miles away, and counter your move? What do you do then?

How do we fix this issue? Its more simple than you think haha, all you have to do is add set ups and bait your moves .When I was faced with this issue in my own game I had to change things up a little because people kept stopping my submissions, and I wasn’t digging that haha. So what I decided to do was set my submissions up, or rather BAIT my opponent into moving or giving me what I wanted . For example, from guard, baiting sweeps for triangles, baiting arm bars for chokes, etc. When I added this to my game it was amazing! It put my game to the next level. Funny thing though, is that when you add this to your game your opponents may know your favorite submissions, they may KNOW when the submissions are coming, but they don’t know in what form, or which way they are coming from. Why does baiting and setting up your moves make such a big difference in bjj ?

Two examples of people who are EXTREMELY proficient at set ups and baiting are Ryan Hall and Marcelo Garcia. Remember when Ryan was triangling everyone, and when Marcelo was killing everyone with the rear naked? Yea, everyone knew it was coming but couldn’t stop it.

Moves and  submissions in BJJ are like anything in life. There’s many ways in which to obtain a certain goal in life, there is no one absolute way or path. In that way, you know the end result, but have an abundant amount of ways in which you can take you to get to the finish. This is the key to why the top dog’s moves are unstoppable. You know their finish but not the bait.

Its just like a chess match, you have to corner you opponent, think multiple steps ahead of them. You have to put your opponent into a situation in which they have to make a choice of whether they want to lose their rook or their bishop ( for those of you who had never played chess, its the castle and the pointy hat piece haha), or chose between two of their other piece. Make them choose between giving up sweep points or get triangle’d, choose between getting arm-bared or choked. Putting your opponent in situations where they have to deal with two or more difficult situations, not only makes it hard to defend but they have to pay attention to a lot more in order not to get caught or submitted. Rather than just having to worry about one submission they have several to worry about getting caught in.

You want your opponents to be thinking this: “If I move here I’m armbared, if I move there I’ll be choked, if I move that way I’m triangle’d. Working in this way is very proficient and effective. As you become more and more advanced in BJJ you will see the importance of set ups and baiting your opponent into submission, making them tap themselves basically haha.

Try it out! I guarantee you your opponent won’t know what hit them! Literally.

I will post a video on how I bait my attacks in a later post to give some examples. STAY TUNE!



Brandon Groce

Brandon Groce

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Brandon Groce
Brandon Groce

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