How to Accelerate Your Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) Game

“You have to find comfort in uncomfortable situations.” – Rickson Gracie

I’ve been asked by a lot of people, “how can I accelerate my BJJ game?”. What I tell them is simple, I tell them to “practice and practice the basics diligently “, and when they have them down pat it will be very hard for others to deal with them. When I tell them this they give me weird facial expressions, and then go on about the fanciest move they have seen on UFC or some move they have seen on YouTube. Now there is nothing at all wrong with that, learning from different sources is great, and having your own style is awesome, but if you are just beginning/ are new to BJJ it is important to know the basics. In my opinion it is in one’s best interest to learn and stick with the basics. Having a Ninja move here and there is AWESOME, I have some of my own. But in my opinion, for the most optimal, and best way to quickly accelerate your BJJ game is by sticking with the basics. Once you have the basics down, that is when you can play around with new techniques, and ninja moves.

Now what are the basics? Here are some examples:

– Posture: Similar to judo, wrestling, and even olympic weightlifting, jiu jitsu has its own posture rules that have to do both with resisting off-balancing and applying maximum pressure with your hips through leverage. Posture includes the lower back, shoulders, neck, and hips, but every part of your body contributes (including toes, hands, eyes, quads, etc.)

– Base and balance: Maintain balance throughout the entirety of a movement when you’re on top and work to off-balance your opponent when you’re on bottom.

– Grip control: Use grips (gi or no-gi) on wrists, elbows, ankles, lapels, pants, belt, neck, etc. to control the opponent.
Use their force against them: Move around the force applied by your opponent not against it. When he pushes, don’t simply push back, push and pull and use the moment of defenselessness to transition into a more dominant position or to submit.

– Protect your limbs. Elbows in. Heels in. No floating wrists and feet. All your limbs have a place where they should be, they should either be in a leveraging position or on your opponent.

Now after saying all of this, I have to say that this is the way I trained BJJ. I studied the basics and then went off and practiced new techniques and developed some of my own techniques through practice and problem solving while training, through a process of trial and error. Thats what jujitsu is to me, you are constantly faced with a problem and it is your job to come up with a solution to those problems. But the great thing about Jujitsu is that it is not cookie cutter, you can add your own flavor to your moves and change things up for the better ( or for worse haha, trying new things sometimes may lead to being Berimbolo’d BUT its all part of the learning process) but thats what makes jujitsu fun, LEARNING, a constant chess match.

So in the end, the basics are in my opinion are important, especially when you are just beginning. But it all comes down to how you train, if you drill constantly the move that you wish to put into your game that is GREAT, drilling is definitely one of the best ways to accelerate you BJJ game. Everything that you want to be great in in BJJ, DRILL it, and you will accelerate in your game, but also be sure to understand the basics of jujitsu. So thats it!

DRILLING + BASICS + in addition to the ninja moves you drill, you will accelerate in your game. Just be FOCUSED on what you are working on and be PROFICIENT at those moves. đŸ™‚

Brandon Groce

Brandon Groce

Cofounder at RONIN
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Brandon Groce
Brandon Groce

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