Cardio – Why You Shouldn’t Run Long Distance

Cardio - Why you shouldn't Run long distance

"Cardio." Everyone's favorite - or least favorite - word. The word brings to mind long duration runs on a treadmill or completing a 5K. Maybe to you it means 400 meter sprints or how long you can last in your jiujitsu match. There are a lot of misconceptions about cardio though. So let's try to clear them up. What Are We Running From? To many … [Read more...]

L-Theanine Performance Enhancement

Optimize your training!

Anyone who has passed through grade school knows the role anxiety can play in test scores and performance. Feeling stressed and nervous typically makes results poor even if one actually has the knowledge. A variety of nootropic compounds and lifestyle practices can improve neurotransmitter balances in order to reduce anxiety. Drinking green tea … [Read more...]

Lifestyle Choices that Ensure Brain Safety

Life Style Hacking For Fighters

My profession and previous post discussed a few methods to use modern science for neurological protection in the ring. These included things like oxiracetam as a potent neuro protective agent as well as traditional Chinese medicine. Despite the usefulness of these nootropic compounds, there may be simple lifestyle choices that can protect your … [Read more...]