Naomi Karpati Redefines Strength & Beauty for Women

Twin blades called Karambits wielded by Ms. Naomi Karpati just blew my mind. I recently discovered Naomi Karpati from an upcoming online magazine called DeerWomen. There definitely needs to be more of this kind of content for martial arts and females. So, DeerWomen's online magazine for women will be refreshing as it's not following the rehased trend of crossfit and mma, etc., that all the new online publications focus on. Furthermore, they will bring other things for the modern … [Read More...]

Creatine SupplementationMansal Denton

Creatine Supplementation on a Low-Carb Diet

Whether you are new to athletics or just hearing about creatine monohydrate, it is one of the most efficient and useful supplements for improving strength, muscle mass, and generally improving physical attributes. Most people fail to realize that creatine monohydrate requires other features in order to work properly within the human skeletal muscle system. Namely, carbohydrates are useful in improving the amount of creatine in your muscles and the total retained in the body. In some cases, … [Read More...]

Bjj BasicsBrandon Groce

Three Important Analogies to Better Understand BJJ

Podcast [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] PRESS PLAY BjjBrick (metaphor) it’s important to have a few key techniques that you can perform at a high level. You need to have a well-rounded game, but having some great techniques will help you excel at BJJ.  To your opponents it will feel like they got hit with a brick.  It takes a lot of blood and sweat to make a BjjBrick, but if you are making the … [Read More...]

Tell Tale Signs You're Training at a McDojo

MMA Gym Uses Sympathy Card to Take Your Money

Why is it so difficult to find a good place to train martial arts these days? Recently, I left a gym called Evolve Academy in Gaithersburg, MD.  The reason is that I didn't like their business practices.   The head instructor, Mike Moses, marketed his gym that made me think he had ulterior motives. I felt his motives were geared more for making money, and he wasn't at all interested in the growth of his students. I prefer schools where the people and teacher are truly interested in learning … [Read More...]

5 Benefits To The Paleo DietPhilip Chubb

The Paleo Diet – 5 Benefits To Going Paleo

Zone, Atkins, South Beach, Vegetarian, Vegan, Plant based, High Carb, Sunshine Diet, intermittent fasting, and don't forget my (least) favorite - “If It Fits Your Macros.” It seems like there's a new diet coming out every couple minutes. So how are we to know what to choose? Years ago I was fortunate enough to read some of the earlier postings of Ido Portal. Ido has researched more in his lifetime than many will in their complete one. Through him, I was introduced to the Paleo Diet. Now … [Read More...]

Everything In ModerationPhilip Chubb

“Everything in Moderation” 3 Reasons Why You Need To Rid Yourself of Moderation

My problem with moderation. You have heard it before. The saying: "Everything in moderation.” I have a big problem with that phrase. And I believe that you should too. I believe moderation is a weakness in our character that we should work to purge. 1. Moderation Or Validation Moderation is avoiding the extremes of a situation. So when it comes to dieting, moderation will be used as an excuse to lighten up on the diet and enjoy that piece of pie. Or what about training? Many people … [Read More...]

The Issue With Modern MedicinePhilip Chubb

The Issue With Modern Medicine

Modern Medicine When it comes to Western medicine such as antibiotics or insulin, for example, I believe it should always be a short term solution if possible. Don't get me wrong, I don't think medicine is a horrible thing. Western medicine has saved lives, without a doubt. If I am walking down a back alley at night and I get shot, guess what? I am not going to go to a natural clinic to get my body "detoxified of heavy metal"! I am going to the doctor to have them remove the bullet and stop … [Read More...]

Why Juicing Isn't Worth It.Philip Chubb

Why Juicing Isn’t Worth It

Time For Some Juicy Gossip You know what I don't like? Juicing. Or juices. There's always a new fad diet going around promising to lean you out, give you more energy, and probably give you superpowers. Juicing is one of these new fads. Unfortunately, it will likely set you back more than spring you forward. To understand why, we need to understand insulin. Insulin is secreted by your pancreas as your blood sugar increases. Insulin’s job is to place the sugar into storage cells like muscle … [Read More...]

The benefits of Red MeatPhilip Chubb

The Benefits of Red Meat & Why It Is Good For You

Riddle for you: What's red, full of antioxidants, has CLA to help fight off cancer, protein to build strength and muscle, and has been totally vilified by the anti-meat campaigners? If you guessed red meat, good job. Have a cookie... I mean a steak! But as always, the answer isn't so simple. Let's find out! Poor Red Meat Have you ever been blamed for something that you honestly didn't do? And no matter how you tried to explain the situation to your accuser, they believed that you were … [Read More...]

Gluten: 4 Reasons Why Its Bad For YouPhilip Chubb

Gluten: 4 Reasons Why Its Bad For You

According to mainstream nutrition advice we need to be eating a lot of whole grains. Things like cereals, breads, and pastas make a killing off this. But are you the victim here? If you have been keeping up with the news, nutrition, or health, you know that gluten is a big topic right now. It's being called a fad diet or a holy grail of lasting life. But what is it really? What Is Gluten? Gluten is a protein found in many grains like wheat, rye, barley, cross contaminated oats, and … [Read More...]

Kipping is Not optimal pull-upsPhilip Chubb

Why Kipping Is Not Optimal For Strength Training

You have to stand before you can walk. You have to squat before you can stand. And you should be able to both squat and stand before you can jump and land, correct? If you cannot even stand on your feet, how will you survive the force of landing on them? The added force of your bodyweight and gravity combined with a fast descent would be much more force than you could withstand. Simple right? If you can't stand or land correctly, you have no business jumping yet. If this is the case, why do … [Read More...]

Why Alcohol Is Detrimental To Your Workout ResultsPhilip Chubb

Why Alcohol Is Detrimental To Your Workout Results

Thinking of enjoying a drink after working out? Maybe having one as part of your cheat meal on your fat loss diet? Consider thinking again. When it comes to alcohol it is - in most cases - detrimental to performance, fat loss, and health. ALCOHOL: THAT GUY WHO CUTS IN LINE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE Alcohol can't be stored. Unlike proteins, carbohydrates, and fats which the body can place in muscle or fat cells, alcohol has to be dealt with immediately. If you think of your body as a busy store … [Read More...]

Crutches in the Weight RoomPhilip Chubb

“Crutches” in the Weightroom – AKA Supports

WHAT IS A CRUTCH? I use the word "crutch" to define any object that does one of the following:  •Gives support to a body part during training or movements. •Provides a false sense of security during training or movements. •Or simply allows you to delude yourself into thinking you have achieved something that you really haven't. You see it all the time in the gym. People walking into the gym with enough gadgets and gizmos to make Batman jealous. Scientifically engineered shoes for arch … [Read More...]

Sugar KillsPhilip Chubb

Sugar Kills – What Happens When You Consume Too Much?

It's powdery. It's white. It's highly addictive. It causes many health issues. Now you may be thinking it's cocaine, but you’re mistaken the right answer is: SUGAR. It can be hidden under other names like agave, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, cane juice, evaporated cane juice, white and brown sugar, but at the end of the day, one of the biggest health issues we face comes from sugar. GLUCOSE AND FRUCTOSE In general, most sugars are made up of two subtypes. Glucose and fructose. Glucose … [Read More...]

5 things I have learned about goal settingPhilip Chubb

5 Things I Have Learned About Goal Setting

Designed by: Brandon Groce Lessons I've Learned About Goal Setting From Life, Teachers, And Experience. Most of us have goals or something we want to achieve. It could be to lose an amount of body fat, to hold a handstand, to squat double your bodyweight, or even something like learning a new language. My personal goals were to accomplish a stalder press handstand which I succeeded at and a five second one arm handstand which is close to being finished. What about you? What are your goals? … [Read More...]

What are you training forMartina Chubb

What Are You Training For?

Design by: Brandon Groce Mainstream media has taught us that we should work out to attain an aesthetic goal or just to maintain a certain level of healthiness.  This is the first thing on our minds when we think of working out.  Athletes have clearer goals as far as their training goes because it must support what they do.  However, for the regular gym-goer there is not enough incentive or desire to train. The Problem Today Is People Are Bored, Unfocused, And Completely Apathetic About … [Read More...]

Cardio - Why you shouldn't Run long distancePhilip Chubb

Cardio – Why You Shouldn’t Run Long Distance

"Cardio." Everyone's favorite - or least favorite - word. The word brings to mind long duration runs on a treadmill or completing a 5K. Maybe to you it means 400 meter sprints or how long you can last in your jiujitsu match. There are a lot of misconceptions about cardio though. So let's try to clear them up. What Are We Running From? To many people, cardio has a meaning of distance running, biking, swimming, etc. to improve their overall health by increasing the heart’s ability to pump blood … [Read More...]

Feel the Burn What Makes and Effective WorkoutPhilip Chubb

What Make a Good Workout Good?

What Makes a Good Workout? A lot of sweat.  A massive burn.  Feeling so tired that you can barely walk out of the gym.  Maybe even vomiting.  These are all signs of a good workout, right? Not necessarily. Go to most gyms, fitness classes, or your average trainer, and it seems like the the burn during an exercise or how tired the workout makes you is what determines if it was good or not. In an effort to achieve this burn and level of tiredness you will often see things performed like … [Read More...]

3 Reasons Why Free WeightsPhilip Chubb

3 Reasons Why Free Weights Are More Effective Than Machines

3 Reasons Why Free Weights Are More Effective Than Machines It pains me dearly when I walk into a gym, notice kettle bells of every color and weight, bosu and swiss balls of every size and shape, and whatever new contraption the fitness industry has come out with, but only one or two squat racks.  Or even worse.  None.  Just Smith Machines. Why would a gym spend money on such inferior tools when it doesn't even have enough of the real tools to make its members strong?  Gimmicks are just … [Read More...]